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Investors and management of assets
Dispute resolution
Real estate law
Legal support of start-ups and scale-ups
Sports law
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IT / ICT and software law
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Public law

Flawless assignment, flawless offer

Public law and public procurement

We provide legal services to private and public entities in the field of public law, focusing on regulation of public corporations and management of their assets.

We provide comprehensive legal advice to contracting authorities and individual bidders in all stages of public procurement procedures.

  • Preparation of tender documents and administration of tender procedures
  • Legal advice to bidders in the preparation of tenders and their participation in tendering procedures
  • Legal support for public corporations
  • Public support regulation
  • Representation in administrative and court proceedings, including representation before the Office for the Protection of Competition

Investors and management of assets

Let your portfolio grow under our guidance

We provide comples legal services to both individual and corporate investors in all areas related to management, structuring and protection of their assets.

Our clients include major corporate investors seeking sophisticated tax-efficient solutions to their business activities, as well as families seeking sensitive management and protection of their wealth portfolio. The wealth management team provides legal advice in particular in the following areas:

  • Corporate law, including multinational corporations and groups
  • Commercial law, focusing on business obligations
  • Financial law including public regulation of collective investment and capital market
  • Law on securities
  • Project financing
  • Pro bono structures including public benefit corporations, foundations and endowment funds
  • Advising on family wealth management, including aspects of inheritance law
  • Criminal law focusing on criminal liability of members of corporate bodies and managers

Dispute resolution

Defending clients’ interests in and out of court

We provide complex legal advice in resolving disputes in court or in administrative proceedings or out of them. We always seek to find the most efficient solution. We are able to defend economic interests and fight for moral satisfaction.

  • Representation in court proceedings, including ordinary and extraordinary appeals (including complaints to the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights)
  • Judicial and out-of-court debt recovery
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Enforcement of decisions and enforcement proceedings
  • Insolvency law
  • Restitution and damages claiming against the state
  • International private law

Real estate law

All fundamental work will be provided by us

We provide complex legal advice in the field of real estate of all kinds, especially regarding family houses, housing association shares, apartment buildings, development projects, shopping centres, accommodation facilities, linear buildings or sports halls.

  • Complex advice on the purchase, sale, lease, management and other real estate dispositions
  • Development projects
  • Housing co-operatives
  • Zoning and town planning
  • Planning agreements and compulsory contributions
  • Building industry
  • Construction of transport, water and energy infrastructure
  • Environmental protection

Legal support of start-ups and scale-ups

From an idea to great success

We provide comprehensive legal services to individuals and legal entities with their start-up and scale-up projects. Legal services are provided in all areas related to development, administration and legal protection. We have come a long way with our clients from initial ideas to their full implementation.

  • Comprehensive advice in all areas of private and public law
  • Company establishment and administration
  • Associates’ agreements and shareholders’ agreements
  • Setting up a structure within a company, including the solution of labour law issues and various internal processes
  • Linking with useful contacts and helping to find suitable business partners
  • Assistance in meetings with business partners and potential investors
  • Providing protection and management of intellectual property rights and industrial design rights

Sports law

We secure your sports activities

We provide complex legal advice in the field of sports law for sports associations, clubs, agents, athletes and other entities, especially in matters of their mutual relations, in the preparation of contractual documentation and for in-court and out-of-court dispute resolution.

  • Creation and interpretation of internal regulations of sports federations and clubs (including legislative and disciplinary proceedings)
  • Relations between sports associations, clubs, athletes and governmental bodies
  • Advising professional players from different sports sectors
  • Advice related to the preparation and implementation of sports events
  • Advice regarding advertisement and marketing
  • Advice on sports funding including subsidy programmes
  • Representation in disciplinary and other proceedings
  • Legal advice on doping

Corporate law

From the establishment to dividend payments

We provide complex legal advice in all fields related to the establishment, administration and further functioning of commercial companies and cooperatives.

  • Establishing all forms of business companies, drawing up founding documents, securing trade and other business licenses
  • Corporate governance (optimization of corporate governance structure, general meetings, contracts for directors, executives and members of the boards, powers of the board of directors and supervisory board)
  • Increasing and decreasing of the company’s registered capital, contributions beside the registered capital of the companies
  • Organizing general meetings and meeting of other corporate bodies, including the preparation of reports or their respective decisions
  • Associates’ agreements and shareholders’ agreements
  • Restructuring and liquidation of companies
  • Comprehensive advice on corporate transformations (domestic and cross-border)
  • Legal advice on controlling and controlled person relationships, group law

Mergers & acquisitions, legal audits

Complex support in purchases and sales

We provide comprehensive legal services on mergers and acquisitions, focusing on the legal, tax and economic aspects of each transaction.

  • Comprehensive advice with the purchase / sale of equity stakes in corporations, enterprises (parts thereof) and other assets
  • Advising on business transformations of all kinds, including designing the optimal method of transformation
  • Performing legal due diligence
  • Designing the optimal structure of the transaction, including provision of tax advice
  • Associates’ agreements and shareholders’ agreements
  • Representation in negotiating the terms of the transaction and drafting the complete transaction documentation

IT / ICT and software law

We protect the value of your source code

We provide legal services on IT/ICT law.

  • Preparation of contractual documentation in the field of IT/ICT and software law, in particular contracts for work, license agreements, business terms and conditions or complaint regulations
  • Domains and domain disputes
  • Protection of intellectual property rights, in particular trademarks or patents
  • IT/ ICT public procurements
  • Comprehensive legal advice on various legal aspects of the creation and operation of e-commerce
  • Advising in the field of internet advertising and marketing

Competition and anti-competition practices

We will help you to succeed in a competitive environment

We provide legal advice on competition and anti-competitive practices law.

  • Advising on competition law, including assessing various commercial agreements and their compliance with competition rules
  • Representation before civil courts in private law claims for breach of competition rules
  • Representation in unfair competition litigation, including the provision of interim measures

Securities and capital markets

To make the security truly secure

We provide legal advice on securities and capital markets.

  • Issue of securities and relevant contractual documentation
  • Comprehensive advice to domestic and foreign investment funds and their management
  • Creating marketing and distribution structures for the provision of investment services and distribution of investment funds, including drafting distribution agreements
  • Representation in proceedings for the issue of relevant permits before the Czech National Bank and other supervisory authorities
  • Representation in disputes arising in connection with securities trading and the provision of investment services before a financial arbitrator or the courts

Financial services and banking

Your help in navigating through the banking galaxy

We provide complex legal services in the field of financial law with a focus on banking and payment services.

  • Advising on regulatory and operational issues of domestic and foreign banks and other credit institutions, including credit intermediaries
  • Legal support for payment institutions and small-scale payment service providers
  • Representation in disputes related to banking transactions before a financial arbitrator or the courts
  • Representation in proceedings for the issuance of relevant authorisations for the provision of payment services, including authorisation of PSD2 services and the issuance of electronic money, sanctions and other proceedings before the Czech National Bank and other supervisory authorities
  • Drafting and updating internal regulations of payment service providers


Unpleasant, but it has to be done

We provide complex legal advice on business risk regulation.

  • Advising on consumer protection
  • Advising on anti-money laundering (AML) measures
  • Advising on data protection (GDPR)
  • Advising statutory bodies on setting up and monitoring compliance and protection from criminal liability of legal persons or their bodies
  • Advising on the detection of breaches of internal regulations

Intellectual property law

We protect every good idea

We provide legal advice in the field of intellectual property.

  • Registration, filing and monitoring of intellectual property rights
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Preparation of contractual documentation regarding the development, licensing and distribution of software solutions
  • Copyright advice
  • Protection of know-how, contracts for the provision or transfer of know-how
  • Representation in administrative and judicial proceedings concerning infringement of intellectual property rights

Media and marketing law

Multidimensionally and broadly

We provide legal advice to advertising companies, broadcasters and website operators in their business activities.

  • Representation in negotiations with the telecommunications authority, ensuring the contractual agenda with business suppliers, customers and consumers
  • Advising on telecommunications law (issues related to the operation of terrestrial and satellite electronic communications networks, provision of electronic services, cyber security and regulation)
  • Advising on various legal aspects of creating and operating e-commerce
  • Consultancy in the field of internet advertising and marketing, including sending commercial (advertising) messages via e-mail
  • Advice on the organisation of bonus schemes, consumer competitions, games and lotteries
  • Representation in administrative and judicial proceedings related to data protection or the liability of broadcasters

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